Do You Want To Be Healed?

If you feel like a flat battery and have no energy then I suggest you read this. I will explain the benefits of healing. I can do absent healing of course through the Angels and this service is for free all you have to do is ask me come and chat with me on LifeReader and start feeling good.

Spiritual Healing – The term Spiritual Healing covers a very wide range of treatment styles and may also be known by such names as Energetic Healing, Vibrational Healing or Clairvoyant Healing. Generally speaking, one of the key definitions of these modalities is that they are therapeutic and healing in some way (emotionally, mentally, physically) without the needed for the client to take any medicines or remedies. The healing is effected purely through the use of Energy, Prana, Chi or Light.

Spiritual Healing invokes a power that is intangible. This universal energy is both subtle and powerful, is the essence of all created and living things and is often described as Light, Life Force or the Vital Force. Many Spiritual Healers act as conduits or channels for this healing energy and once they have tuned in to their client and understand what needs to be healed, the practitioner can then direct it in such a way that it brings about benefit and relief for the client.

A common example of Spiritual Healing would be Chakra Balancing. When a Chakra becomes stressed or blocked this can have a negative effect on the organs in that region of the body and can also contribute to negative emotional states, such as depression or anxiety. Reiki, Pranic Healing and Polarity Therapy, are some of the forms of Spiritual Healing, which address chakra health. Clairvoyant Healers, use their sensitivity to view clients’ Chakras and if they are blocked, can channel Energy and Light through them until they are cleared. Energy blockages anywhere in a person’s body can be treated in similar ways and the results are usually uplifting and immediate.

Many Spiritual Healers are also able to give their clients useful advice and information in the form of channeling, said to be through the use of Angels or Spirit Guides. Past life readings may also be included in the range of modalities used by these practitioners. 

Spiritual Healing often picks up where many other treatments leave off. Many chronic, nagging or recurring conditions can be healed or greatly relieved through these more subtle processes. It is empowering for the client, as there is usually a desire on the practitioners’ part to ultimately show each person how to heal themselves. 

The benefits of Spiritual Healing are therefore very wide ranging. Where medicine, surgery, physical therapies, supplements, dietary adjustments or analysis begin to lose their effectiveness or are unable to bring about a complete recovery, this is the realm in which Spiritual Healing is most useful.

During the treatment, the client should always be made to feel comfortable and safe.

Some practitioners will prefer to have their client lie on a treatment or massage table, others will ask that they remain sitting up. Some will use touch as part of the healing process, whilst others will hold their hands a few inches away from the client’s body or simply sit opposite them. Spiritual Healing does not require the client to remove their clothes, and if they do not wish to be touched, then they should let the practitioner know. 

The type of people who would benefit from consulting a Spiritual Healer are often very sensitive; who don’t like taking medication; who have been in prolonged forms of treatment without much result; who are frustrated with chronic or recurring problems; and especially those who are suffering emotionally and are unable to understand the basis of their unhappiness, anxiety or confusion.

Recommended spiritual practice to develop skills in spiritual research

1. Prayer
2. Study of the science of Spirituality
3. Chanting
4. Company of the Truth 
5. Service unto the Truth 
6. Sacrifice 
7. Spiritual love – love without expectations 
8. Spiritual emotion 
9. Removing personality defects

Reducing ego is a must

Blessings Ann

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2 thoughts on “Do You Want To Be Healed?

  1. Chae Davis

    Hello Ann,

    I couldn’t pass up your offer for free healing. The areas of pain are the knees, shoulder and sometimes hands. Although, I’m getting used to having ongoing pain in these areas it would feel like a miracle I’m sure if it all stopped.

  2. Carly

    Dear Ann,
    I would love to hear from you, as I am very interested in a healing.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank You for your time.

    Your sincerely. Carly Wood


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