Gossip and how it affects us.

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Gossip is idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others. (Wickapaedia)
Gossip is in everything we do. Our everyday lives.  When we go to the Hairdresser we can hear about what this person is doing and that person is doing. When we catch up with friends, rather than talk about our lives and what is going in them we can talk about other friends and who did what to whom.

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Gossip is also how people perceive us at times.  Sometimes first impressions of people can lead people to gossip about them.

This could be out of Jealousy, or the way they live their lives does not sit well with another person. It could just be that the person that gossips is very judgmental.
I myself have been on the receiving end of gossip, and when it did get back to me I found it very hurtful and could not understand why, at this time it was a friend, would do this to me.  When I started to look past the hurt and anger, I realized that this person was not just gossiping about me but about everyone she came in contact with.

I put this down to her being very dissatisfied with herself and her life.  So to make it seem more exciting she would talk about other people, but what I don’t think she realized is that these people that she spoke to were also a part of my circle of friends, and that anyone she spoke about would find out about it.
This is why gossiping is not cool.  It does not just hurt one person; it can hurt many.  It is a nasty way of getting back at someone, but most of all it judging someone.

When did we as human beings decide to be judge, jury and executioner on people’s lives? What gives us the right to judge someone else. Are we so perfect?

Always remember that no matter what everybody has a story, and until we know that story we should not comment, be hurtful, or even talk about them being their back.
Remember also that if you are talking about people behind their backs, my question would be, what are saying about me behind mine.  This can ruin friendships.  This can leave you alone as people don’t want to be around you as the trust factor is not there. They feel they cannot tell you anything as you may spread it around.  They don’t feel comfortable with you as they don’t know what you will be saying about anyone else, especially people you know.

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So, by looking at gossip, we can see that in many factors it can hurt the people being gossiped about and it can hurt the gossiper, but in a lot of cases in can hurt the people closest to you.
So why do we do it?  Do we have a need to feel at times superior to people?  Do we feel that because that person does not live their life the way we feel they should we talk? Or do some people just enjoy gossiping.
So what how do we deal with gossip?

If you are on the receiving end, wait it out, something else will usually come along to take its place. Try not to take it personally because that is what the person is looking for a reaction. Look at who is gossiping about you and ask yourself, do I need this person in my life.  Only you know the answer to that.
If you are the gossiper, ask yourself why do I do this, what do I gain from this, am I just a person who feels that talking about other people takes away from the life I have?  Is my life so boring that I feel a need to talk about other people?  Also look around and see how many of your friends have actually stuck around.

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One thought on “Gossip and how it affects us.

  1. Chris Buyukkilinc

    I had a fight with this married women who I was seeing for seven months at work she said that no one would take her to work by car they would just drive past. She kept on seeing me in the bus we would talk together and smoke together in a quite place at work. One day she said I want a child through the coming weeks after the sixth month she would say three times to me I want a child then some one would pick her up by car only on a Saturday the other days she was still seeing me.
    Then as she said that the third time I want a child I said to her boy or girl she said boy I said why don’t you do a child with your husband she said I cannot have one I keep on trying I am 40 years old I cannot have one it is not happening. Then she started having a lift by car from her home to work neally every day. Only one day I was seeing her if I called her she would come no messages no phone calls to me. Then one day I sent her a message that I liked her a lot she said I did not see that or hear that I kept sending good things to her she kept getting more aggressive to me then I said you do not come with me anymore and I said go with your guy friends she thought I said bitch to her, but I did not swear I just said go to your new guy friends she was pissed of at me. Then another day she came and said to me you said I was a bitch she was very nervous and angry I said I would never say a bad thing like that never took the bitch word in my mouth I told her to sit next to me she went in a crazy nervous fit she walked away and left me there.
    That day I said you did not understand what I said I will never say that dirty word if you think that way then I am sorry.
    One week later like today I said I want to see you my friend I waited but she did not come there was no messages and no phone calls what is going on I do not know I am confused and possibly jealous will she come back to me I do not know please give me your answer about this problem I have what can I do.


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