How To Keep Your Relationship

This number 1 key point is probably going to make you cringe? Honesty. Honesty is the single most important factor that will keep your relationship strong. This does not mean there will be tough times. In fact, you will probably find that by being honest all the time, it may rock the boat. Yet – at what price do we pay for not being honest? Not allowing our Soul to have it’s authentic expression in all that we say, think, feel and do?

This isn’t about brutal honesty, yet, true authenticity, begins with yourself. How honest are you with yourself? What aspect’s of your life do you lie about to yourself and other people?

When we are completely authentic in relationship, the relationships that are not authentic will fall away. Eeeeek! You may say! Well I am not being honest! Yet, when we have this honest, authentic, open, trustful communication with each other, our relationship moves to the next level. We are able to honour each other’s needs with respect, because there are no hidden motives or intentions. Everything is laid out on the table so to speak.

When there are lies within the self, they spill out onto our relationship. This causes an energetic dischord and the other person can feel it, although, they may be confused about the feeling. When we are able to stay authentic with our thoughts, feelings and actions in our lives, our relationships thrive instead of diving. With this solid relationship built on authenticity, trust, openness and honesty, you will attract and have the relationship that others look at and want. They will ask how you have that and you can answer with one single key word – Honesty.

If you are wondering if your relationship will ever have this authentic spark that is built on the foundation of Honesty, give me a call or text chat and we can have a look at the dynamics and energetic exchanges at play between you both, to see if you have the keys to thriving.

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One thought on “How To Keep Your Relationship

  1. Tna

    I was shaken to read this as its been the no.1 factor of my marriage troubles for the last 5 years.
    For 30 years I believed what my husband told me,then one day I just could not shake this feeling that he was lying,but he got so upset about it,so I dropped the issue.
    Not long after that I worked out why he was so convincing,it was because he was telling the truth,only not all of it.
    He did not believe that by ommitting facts, in my eyes,he was lying.
    An Issue that 5 years later has bought us even further apart, to the extent that our Quarrels have become so frequent that I cry every day and am struggling to find reasons why I should stay,in the past I talked myself into it by reminding myself “How do you walk away from 35 years of your life,and your best friend.
    I recently told him that I miss my friend more than I miss my Lover,and why does it seem that he wasn’t suffering like I was.
    His responce,No responce,thats what I get when I try talking to him. He just walks away,and ignores me,and lately I have been driven to rage when he does that.Thats why I feel like I should leave,before one of us gets hurt,physically,emotionally I’m destroyed,its already to late.


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