Today I would like to explore the word Intuition, to go deep inside the meaning, to get an understanding of what this word means, how we use it in our lives and the importance of Intuition. It is somewhat challenging to Define, despite the huge role it plays in our everyday lives. But I will do my best to unfold this word for you today in hope that it can bring enlightenment and more meaning to you and how you view and use this word.

Everyone in this world has experienced that astounding ‘Gut feeling’ that unconscious reasoning which propels us to do something without telling us why or how. For me I have always defined Intuition as the ‘subtle Knowing, without having any idea why you know it’. For others like the famous Steve Jobs, Creator of Apple Software, He calls it ‘More Powerful Than Intellect’.

Intuition has inspired centuries worth of research and deep enquiry into the fields of philosophy and psychology, The Nature of Intuition has long eluded the human race. Our Intuition is always there whether we are aware of it or not, it is deep within us. Where does it come from? This is a question we will never truly know the answer to, but what we do know is it is there, and for whoever created us, created Intuition. It is something which we were born to use and to be in tune with, something that helps us to make the right decision to lead us to our true path of destiny, to help us in times of need, to help us to make the ‘right’ decision. But unfortunately as time has ticked by, as technology has advanced, we as people have lost touch with our spirituality and Intuition through the growing and changing society around us.

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Intuition is different from thinking, it is different from Logic, It is a knowing without knowing, a sixth sense insight to guide us through our lifetime. For many people they dismiss ‘Intuition’ and categorize it to be for the psychic or paranormal, to be ‘unscientific’. But this is simply not true; although intuition is spiritual and could be considered ‘psychic’ there is also now scientific evidence behind it. Cognitive Science is now beginning to demystify the strong but sometimes unexplainable presence of unconscious reasoning in our lives and thought. The US Military for sometime now have been investigating the Power of Intuition, which has helped troops to make quick judgments during combat which has ended up saving many lives.

There is a growing number of anecdotal evidence, combined with solid research efforts that suggest Intuition is a strong aspect of how we human beings interact with the environment around us, and how ultimately we make many of our decisions. Not Through Intellect, But Intuition, Instinct, through the Knowing without knowing.

There are 10 Key things people who are in tune and are connected with their Intuition do in their everyday lives. I will share with you these things, which could ultimately if put to practice by you really help to turn your life around. Here they are…
1. They Listen to their Inner Voice
2. They Take Time for Solitude
3. They create
4. They practice mindfulness everyday 5. They observe everything
6. They listen to their bodies
7. They connect deeply with others
8. They pay attention to their dreams
9. They enjoy plenty of down time
10. They Mindfully let go of any negative emotions

Now with that being said! It is never too late to begin anything in this lifetime, for as the old saying goes it is better later than never. So through this article, through practice, an open mind and an open soul, practice Intuition, Practice the things The Intuitively aware people do, and live the amazing changes you will see within yourself and around you.

There is one little quote I have always loved on Intuition, a quote which speaks so much truth, “Intuition is seeing with the Soul” ‘Dean ‘Koontz’, The next time you have a decision to make which has you feeling confused or unsure, take a few moments, deep breathe, relax, spend some time meditating, open the eyes and the ears of your soul and listen to your intuition, It will always be there, it will always guide you. And you will always know what to do.

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