Life and Death! “A walk to the other side”!

My Name is Dr Sunny Marie, this is my story from the other side! Yes, it is one of a kind… It was a night I will never forget! I think about it everyday and every detail is just as vivid, as if it happened yesterday. I was seventeen years old. I can not personally explain what the hospital and paramedics had to say as I was not there. All I know is one dark night.

I was heading home to my family and all I remember were the bright headlights beaming in my face. As I left my body I heard a voice clearly say, everything is going to be alright. I had no Idea what they meant, or who was saying that. I felt myself move swiftly through a void, a black hole, that I moved through very quickly. All of a sudden I was surrounded by a beautiful golden light. I recall trying to look out of what would be the corner of my eye, I was curious, where did the darkness go? the light was all encompassing and was everywhere. As I entered into this light, I experienced a sense that I was not alone – it was warm, and there was a feeling that all was well. I felt safe, I had no feelings of worry or doubt, there was nothing to fear, it did not even exist.

I have had many people ask me what it felt like and the only words I could find that come close to how I felt are – absolute completeness. There is no pearly gates or material substances there. The spiritual relym has no attachment to physical things. However, there is a powerful omnipresence of Gods World. As I observed I had no feelings for anything of the material world, as it did not exist there. I was spirit matter pure energy. I had an awareness of other spirit beings around me. We were in soul connection to each other, like soulmates would be here on the earth. I was drawn to an incredible energy in the light presence. I did not know what direction it came from.

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It seemed to be everywhere, but I felt my soul move into this light force. As I came closer to this energy source, I felt a being of power that can’t even be described in words. The majesty of this presence was total unconditional love, of a magnitude I have never ever felt…ever anywhere. There is no mistaking this presence was the Almighty divine Creator of the Universe! I was comfortable, and curious. I hear a voice, I can’t say for sure if this was male or female. I do not think it was either. It was all, everything. The communication was clear, as if I was speaking with someone person to person. We were one with the other. The voice said to me, “You have knowledge of what most will never experience, you can make a great difference, and help many understand what they do not know, what would you like to do!” I was there on my own, I could have stayed if I desired. I have always been a deeply spiritual person. I am a natural born clairvoyant and have always felt close to God, but was raised catholic and felt no connection to that religion. At fifteen I became a Christian. However, I never lost my spiritual connection to the earth mother and my native roots. I have always been deeply intuitive, and always felt different from what is considered the “norm”. As a child I spent more of my time in nature, talking to the trees, the wind, and water, rather then playing with other kids and being like them. I felt comfortable with nature, just as comfortable as when I was in the presence of Creator.

When I made the decision to come back, the first thing that was said to me by a nurse was welcome back. I had been dead for about 9-10 mins, I was told. I was not the same person, everything inside me had changed – I could feel and know things that would just be there, and I felt like I was not as human as before. My recovery from multiple injuries had the doctors dumb founded, and amazed at the speed of my recovery. I do not believe anyone could go through what I did and comeback and be the same.

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Life is life and Death is death, and when you have experienced both, it changes and effects everything about how you think of life. I knew who I was and what I was here to do.

From that day forward, I have been here on this earth helping thousands of people from all walks of life, to find their true meaning in life, and connect to their true creator self! I can bring healing through me from Creator, just by Speaking with them. I have since educated myself with a masters Degree in psychology, but struggled with the limitations of modern day psychology. I omit a deep and clear line of constant communication with God, like picking up a phone. I received help in clarity from spirit with my work here, in relationships, prosperity, Soulmates, Twin Flames, my purpose and meaning here is clear.

My SOUL reason for being here is helping people just like you, in spirit, emotion, mind, and body. I have had a rare and unique extraordinary journey to the other side – my greatest joy in life is to bring light, healing, harmony, balance, peace of mind, all aligned with honesty, integrity, insight and vision that really does not come from me, but through me, right from the heart and soul of you. Gods Blessings shine on your life, I am here for you, deepest of love and light shine in your world, with respect and regards, you’re welcome in my world, God Bless.

Dr Sunny Marie

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Dr Sunny Marie
Her warmth, integrity and honesty compliment her amazing God given gifts of vision. Authentic Master Clairvoyant Natural Born! World Renown ~ Expert in Soul Mates ~ Twin Flame relationships. Marriage ~ Separation ~ divorce ~ finance ~ Spiritual Counsel! No false hopes, or illusions here! With her you get! Honest, clear insight, in-depth guided intelligent caring answers! If your seeking solutions, resolve, Clarity, Peace of Mind! You just found it!
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  1. Leonie Trindall

    Hi , I saw on facebook that Dr Sunny Marie as pass-away with cancer can you please inform me of this concern as i always have her for my reading and insights …

    Kind regards , love & light

    Leonie Trindall


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