Why does it happen to me !

Hello there it is a good question why does it happen to me why is everything going wrong how come I am always waiting for the man or woman I love why do I not have enough money and friends.

So many thoughts go through your mind every Second of the day negative and positive let me say this in any relationship nothing runs smooth, this is a 24 hour a day Job and this goes for anything that you want to work out having finances having friends getting places where you want to go is what you believe and choices that you make in this life. If you know that the relationship is not good for you and you stay in it then this is a choice that you have made for whatever reason sadly to say you are totally responsible for what happens in your life. Because of the choices you made and if you have allowed people to help you with the choices you still are totally responsible.

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Many times we like to think that it is other people’s fault why things don’t go well this is also further from the truth every second that you breathe and think you are responsible. Have you ever thought why your partner or friend is so mean to you? And even though this hurts you the truth is you still stay with your partner and you still have your friend. Once again that is your choice there is not enough excuses to say why you would allow someone to treat you badly but the truth really is that you are fearing loss or being on your own let me explain. Would you put up with anything for the sake of love? If you did this is understandable when you don’t want to be on your own and lose a friend as well.

But this is the thing that you have forgotten when you do this and keep people in your life that is not good for you and they treat you badly you lose yourself. Your personality then tolerance really you become the victim in your own mind with your own chatter (thoughts) simple really how much do you love yourself? You need to ask yourself this. The true concept is if you are unhappy and you feel that you have done everything that you can to save your relationship and it has not improved then you need to move on the hardest thing is to accept the things that you cannot change or control seriously this is what tosses you around and your body takes a beating with stress anxiety lack of sleep when you will not accept what is and that you cannot control or accept when a situation is over and the person is not going to alter their behaviour and treat you better.

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It is called loving oneself enough and having respect for yourself because if you do not have these qualities in you!!!How can your partner treat you with love and respect? Okay the simple solution is to be confident and know that you will not allow anything in your life and mix with people that is not for your highest good you do not have to be hurt you do not have to have shortage of money you can have a good career path but remember to get everything you need is by choice I would strongly suggest that you ask God and Jesus Christ to help you and ask God to delegate his angels to be with you and give you the insight and the strength to make the right choices and give you the strength to let go of control and not accepting with things are not good for you.

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Much Love Blessings


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