The Road of Life


Chapter 1 
I walk down the street, 
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. 
I fall in, 
I am lost……. I am helpless. It isn’t my fault. 
It takes forever to find a way out. 
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I walk down the same street. There is a deep hole in read more…

Having Faith On Your Path

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Two of my favorite cards in the tarot deck that frequently come up as checkpoints for advice for my clients are the Fool and the Wheel of Fortune. The Fool card has the image of a man, who is kind of happy-go-lucky wandering towards the edge of a cliff. At first glance, you might think read more…

Some Thoughts To Start The Week!


Many people have been lead to believe that they need a translator to communicate with a higher power. Sometimes unsavoury people use this as an opportunity to take something very simple and use it to control individuals for their own benefit.  >Share this Article on Facebook I refuse to believe that God would make this read more…

Moving Mountains

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I am writing this article because there has been so many young adults that are lost in their purpose in life.  Maybe it’s the fault of parents who in this generation tend to give more to our kids without them putting in the hard work that was expected of us in our time. In this read more…

Freeing Yourself from the Past

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We are Born, We live, we leave. This Life is a shell. A shell which is beautiful, full of potential, strength, with walls hard to protect us, with patterns to define us, with an opening to allow us to experience, to listen, to learn. One day that beautiful shells day will come when it is read more…

Halloween? What is this really all about?


Well it is one of the oldest rituals dating as far back as 840s honoring of the Saints and all spirits. October 31st is an eve of all saints day and, honor to this has traveled as far as Ireland, Britain, the south of France, and pretty much all points in-between. Funny thing is, the read more…

Halloween Offerings !

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In Scotland, young people went blindfolded into the garden to pull kale stalks; later, before the crackling fireplace, the plants would be “read” for revealing signs of the future wife or husband–short and stunted, tall and healthy, withered and old, and so on. The amount of earth holding on to the root was believed to read more…

The Power to release the Past!

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I want to help you understand the power of releasing the past. You have gone through disappointments, setbacks, disillusionment about a relationship not working out, a job opportunity falling through, a Dream Not coming to pass. One of the best things u can do is release it, clear it cleanse it out of your spirit read more…

How to get your Dream man

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If we all knew the secret behind this then wouldn’t life be that much happier, that much more content and fulfilling? With a Life filled of love and to have your dream man hand in hand walking with you through the Journey of life. Now that Sounds just perfect doesn’t it. And for those of read more…