The Power of Questions

By Gail: The quality of our experiences and personal development is directly related to the types of questions we ask – of ourselves and others. Questions can empower us to break through our limitations or they can help to keep us trapped in cycles that don’t serve our greater good. Listen to the sort of questions you ask and think about whether they are increasing or diminishing your power. An example of a limiting question is “Why me?” A more expansive question would be “What can I make out of this situation?” Asking the right questions can turn a problem into a possibility. 


Words carry the power of creation. Our thoughts and words are shaping our experience of the world, and questions are no exception. If your questions are framed in a way that focuses on what you don’t want then that is exactly what you will attract. If you ask “Why do my partners always leave me” then the focus is “partners leave me”. That is what you will get. If you ask “What can I do to attract the perfect mate” then your focus is on attracting a perfect mate so that will become your experience. Choose questions that reflect what you want to happen.

Be aware of the type of questions you ask when dealing with other people too. To get the best results from other people you need to give them the opportunity to provide thoughtful responses. Asking someone “Why did you do that?” will get a less favorable result than asking something like “What are you hoping the outcome will be?” Sounding interested rather than accusing helps to align you with an answer that is beneficial rather than defensive or defeatist.  Whether you are talking to someone else or to yourself the same applies, formulate questions that encourage solutions.

One of the most important questions we can ask is “What else could be true?” We are often so caught up in ourselves that we don’t imagine there could be any other way of looking at things.  We have accumulated so many things that our vision is impaired, obscured by the baggage we carry.

So often we seek to add something else to complete ourselves – a partner, a house, a job – when what we actually need to do is let go of all the things that are distorting our view. Question what it is that you might need to let go of in order to achieve your desired outcome. It is not about when you get that one thing, it is about getting everything out of the way that is stopping you from having it now. 

The best way to get value from your readings is to ask quality questions. Recognize that the basis of the questions we ask are rarely about other people or situations in our lives – it is our interaction with other people that determines our experiences of them. No one else can make you happy or make you sad; these feelings come from within you.

  1. Be clear about what you want to know – make it an informed question.
  2. Be clear about why this is so important to you and how it aligns with your values – a desperate plea does not yield best results.
  3. Ask open ended questions, not Yes / No closed ones. 

e.g. instead of asking “Will we get back together?” ask “If we get back together what will happen?” or “What do I need to do in order for us to get back together?”

    4. Be open to the answer – it may not be what you expect. When your energy is too focused on one particular outcome it can cloud your perspective and the reading. Focus on the best possible outcome for all involved, not just what you think you want right now. 

And last but not least, never ask a question if you don’t really want to know the answer! If you are not prepared for the truth then don’t ask the question. You may not get the answer that you want to hear. 

If the questions you are asking are not getting the results you want then maybe it is time for you to start asking new questions. What are you asking of others? What are you asking of yourself? Are you prepared to align what you want to receive with what you are willing to offer? Get curious about what you really need to know. Discover what else might be true. Get curious about how the right questions can bring the results you seek. Ask yourself something new. 


Love and Light,


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