How Past Lives Affect Present Relationships

We have different reactions and interactions with everyone we meet and many times we are perplexed by the way we respond to some while others we are benign to. Therein lies the great mystery of past lifetimes.

Since my death in the Alps 23 years ago, I have helped clients worldwide access their own past lives, particularly those concerning relationships. Everyone carries cellular memories; those are the memories of all your previous incarnations, which imprint upon the new body your soul arrives in when born in the earth. Children who have unnatural fears, such as a fear of dogs, of drowning, of flying, etc., are actually remembering a recent incarnation. Their memories are fresh because they have just come from the other side where access to all of your soul’s information is accessible. (Akashic records, Lambs Book of Life) Birthmarks are the physical imprints of physical trauma which has occurred in a previous life. When a soul does not stay on the other side long enough to heal both emotional and physical traumas, (the average person does not return to the earth after physical death for approximately 8-20 years) the memory then imprints on the newborn’s body.

Take the case of a young lady that Dr. Brian Weiss once saw in session. When she was a toddler she began telling her mother that she (the toddler) was her mom’s father. The mother dismissed it as the ramblings of a small child, until the day her little girl began singing a lullaby which she had never been taught or heard. It was the same song that her own father once sang to her. Shocked, she sought out Dr. Weiss in order to regress her daughter. In that session it was revealed that indeed her daughter and her deceased father were in fact the same soul. To a professional intuitive like me, it was obvious because of the birthmark; you see the father died in a drive-by shooting and the little girl was born 5 years later with a birthmark on both the back of the neck and the front of the neck, an entry and exit gunshot shaped wound in exactly the same spot as the fatal bullet which killed her grandfather. The evidence is there if you just tune in.

So many of you are interested in your love life, so let’s identify what constitutes a past life connection and what it feels like when you are in a romantic relationship together.

The first thing you will notice when meeting a past life connection is the energy between you. It is tangible and you feel like you have known that person forever. About 95% of the people you meet this lifetime are returning from previous ones shared with you even if you never personally interacted with them in the previous lifetimes, like townspeople or strangers. It’s called “soul group” and we continue to help and grow each other in every incarnation. Whether there is negative karma, positive karma, dharma or simply a desire to return to earth near or at the same time, the energy and dynamics will be similar for both romantic and friendship relationships. The only thing that separates the friendship type connection from a romantic one is the addition of sexual energy.
Haven’t you ever met someone you instantly didn’t like? Then after you rationalize it and get to know them, you begin to form a loving relationship with them. This is where that “gut” instinct pays off. If you instantly dislike them, there is thick karma, something you owe them, something they owe you, or both. It is up to you to discern if the red flags are just emotional ones or are they actual warnings of impending danger or unnecessary trails. Remember we choose what we attract in one way or another.

Many people enter relationships despite the obvious red flags and signs and most of the time it is due in part to karma between the two. A small percentage of the time, red flags are there to warn you however, you have to address your own fears and issues to be able to discern whether it is real danger, or are you simply running from what you need to heal?

Another scenario is when you meet someone and you feel like a victim to everything they do… it they don’t call when they said they would, you are hurt; it they stand you up, you get angry; if they look at another women/man, you get jealous even if you are on your first date with them. Those are unnatural emotions given the newness of the encounter and can only be explained by past lives. It is likely that one or both of you betrayed each other in a previous existence; hence the old emotions surface giving you the opportunity to heal them. You might be learning how to heal neediness, abandonment, jealously, insecurity, control issues or a host of other emotional lessons. There is always a reason for attracting different people into your life; we are all teachers to one another.

“You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are,” yet rarely do people have a relationship with themselves first.

Getting to know yourself, what makes you tick, what you need to address and heal, what your dreams are, what your boundaries are or should be, what sends you to high places or what crushes your spirit, are all essential ingredients to the types of relationships you will attract. Consider yourself the magnet and the person you draw into your life, the mirror. You are attracting what you are and your potential mate is mirroring that and vice versa.

There is so much more to share with you about the dynamic of relationships when it comes to the past life connection. Each relationship has components or memories of the past and as you weave the emotional memories into a beautiful mosaic, you strip away the bruises and the wounds, healing them by exposing them to the light. Once you uncover the core, your relationships evolve from a healthier place and grow deeper with every breath.
“The greatest relationships are those which are forged by awakened beings.”
The soulmate or twin soul connection is usually fraught with complications because there is so much likeness in each soul. The karmic connection is also full of challenges because it is a catalyst for each of you to heal your karma and make peace with the past.

All relationships are evidence that you are learning to transmute negative feelings and emotions, while healing the baggage you came to earth with. No one is free of that baggage. We have all amassed multiple variables which constitute why we are the way we are today. In exploring past lives and healing the previous traumas or wounds, we become a more perfected version of ourselves today.

If you want to learn more about your past life connections with the love of your life, get in touch with me. I have been helping people for more than 23 years.

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  1. Tna

    Yes please. I always thought we were soul mates. But out relationship has gotten violent. In 35 yrs. he was not physically violent but emotionally, he was a master. I’m torn but feel I must leave to save my sanity and maybe my life.


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